Nameplexx is a modular name badge system. The attractive design and the metallic surface make the nameplexx range highly prestigious. The integrated fastener make the badges blend harmoniously with clothing. Nameplexx inlays can be printed or engraved. You can do all of the labeling for this trendy name badge on your own PC or engraving machine. The name cards are simply clipped along with the acrylic glass window into the holder.

Magnetic name badges offer a vast array of benefits. There‘s no pin to pierce and ruin your clothes. And the badge is guaranteed to hold firm. Thanks to its integral magnetic fastener, the name tag locks into place, thereby preventing the badge from slipping. The „easy lift“ function means you can remove the magnet with ease, despite the strong hold. What‘s more, there‘s a range of magnetic strengths available to suit the thickness of your clothing.

  • Customized shapes available on request.
silver matt 71 x 24,5 mm MPS198
silver glossy 71 x 24,5 mm MPS199
anthracite 71 x 24,5 mm MPS200
gold 71 x 24,5 mm MPS201
silver matt 69 x 34 mm MPS202
silver glossy 69 x 34 mm MPS203
anthracite 69 x 34 mm MPS204
gold 69 x 34 mm MPS205