Transply HD
770 blue/white 770 blue/white
758/30 silver matt/red 758/30 silver matt/red
758/70 silver matt/blue 758/70 silver matt/blue
710 white shiny/black 710 white shiny/black
720 black matt/white 720 black matt/white
758 silver matt/black 758 silver matt/black
760 gold brushed/black 760 gold brushed/black
750 silver brushed/black 750 silver brushed/black
160-HC* gold brushed/black 160-HC* gold brushed/black
160/70-HC* gold brushed/blue 160/70-HC* gold brushed/blue
163-HC* european gold brushed/black 163-HC* european gold brushed/black
upmedia/eckart-farbmuster-151-HC.png 151-HC* silver strong brushed/black

Transply HD

Engraving material

The very thin surface of Transply HD makes it possible to engrave fine textures without shadow effects. The surface is cause of its special exterior treatment adjusted for outdoor use.

  • Can be delivered as a double sided material
  • Special colors on request


* with hardcoat (protective lacquer)



 laser engravable, rotary engravable, can be deliverd as a double sided material
laser engravable, rotary engravable, can be deliverd as a double sided material. 
Transply HD
Material ABS/hot stamping foil
Size 1220 x 610 mm
610 x 610 mm
Thickness 0,8 mm
1,5 mm
2,5 mm
Cutting depth 0,05 mm
Technical properties
temperature max. 85°C
Processing options
screen print
rotary engravable
laser cuttable
laser engravable






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